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November 7, 2019 | Tribal Business League

Tribal Business League Presents to 33 Tribes in 4 States

Cloquet, MN -- On November 9, 2019 the Tribal Business League presented to the Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes at the Black Bear Casino in Cloquet MN.

Curtis DeCora, Founder of the Tribal Business League, along with Adam Songetay, Board Member of the Tribal Business League, attended the 2019 Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes event.

DeCora provided a presentation to the 33 tribes present which encompass and include 4 states in the Upper Midwest.

The presentation included assumptions of tribal consortium purchasing or collective buying power. The examples included fuel, tobacco, and casino purchases, to name a few.

The interest was overwhelming, and provided a great deal of interest from remote tribal communities that struggle to get products, let along have the ability to negotiate volume purchasing deals with vendors.

DeCora shared logistics from the various vendors, procurement strategies, and projected savings from simply joining the Tribal Business League as a member.

"Tribes can come together and talk about treaty rights, sovereignty issues, and human rights - why aren't we coming together to talk about business, enterprise and economic development with all of the tribes in this room?", DeCora goes on to inquire among the group.

The challenge with tribal communities comes in the form of remote locations. Most tribes struggle to shuttle in goods and services for community members. Those tribes struggling are also trying to accomplish this alone. When you receive assistance from 5, 10 or 15 other tribes, tribes now are in the driver seat and can truly begin negotiating with vendors and making requests for lower prices, more delivery dates, exclusive products, and group options.

The Tribal Business League serves the Upper Midwest with tribes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper/Lower Michigan. The first initiative includes convenience store group purchases to help member tribes capture the lowest prices on goods and services in their immediate service area. This enables tribes to compete with the likes of Marathon, Kwik Trip, Holiday, Sinclair, BP and many other national convenience store chains.

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